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Experts in Mobility Medical Equipment.

We are Mobility Experts with over 30 years of experience in disability aids for the elderly and disabled.

Who We Are

MobilityMed.com offers a full-line of durable medical equipment including wheelchairs; seating and positioning equipment; scooters; lifters and ramps for cars and homes; car hand controls for cars; standing and exercise equipment and disposable hygiene products. Product and ecommerce store coming soon.

We will have some the best mobility solutions specially designed for mobility-impaired people and developed for their quality, ease of use and cost.

What is Mobility Medical Equipment?

Our direction and leadership is provided by Wayne Leavitt, the president, CEO and founder of Mobility Medical Equipment and Tim Robinson, our junior partner and VP. Together they are the inspiration and driving force of the company.

Wayne has over thirty years' experience in the DME industry as a rehabilitation and equipment specialist. Of course, much of his experience is personal. He has ``lived in a chair`` for more than 35 years as a T4 paraplegic. He is heavily involved in various wheelchair sports including his favorite, wheelchair tennis. In fact, he and his partner won the USTA National Wheelchair Doubles tournament in two different divisions in 2004.

Tim is also a paraplegic with over 7 years living in a chair. He is an avid outdoors man who likes to hunt, fish, go to the beach, etc. He hates to be told ``you can't do that`` and refuses to be held back by equipment. Part of his ``personal mission`` is to give every product we sell a ``trial by fire.`` We don't sell any equipment that he hasn't road tested.

We have a commitment to each of our patients that we will provide the best equipment possible. This includes clinical appropriateness, so, we made the decision to employ clinicians to oversee the needs of our patients. We currently employ the following specialists: physical therapists, respiratory therapists and nurses.