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Wayne L. Leavitt


T-4 Paraplegic result of electrocution and thrown off a “ham radio” antenna falling 35 feet and breaking my back at T-4. That was back in July of 1968. So I have been in a wheelchair for over 42 years. Also, my sister was hospital bed confined with Multiple Sclerosis for over 13 years. My brother-in-law was wheelchair confined with Muscular Dystrophy. So, not only do we use our equipment ourselves, we had relatives that use it too. This gives us an advantage of understanding what the patient goes through and what the relative or care-giver has to deal with.

I have been in this durable medical equipment business since 1970. I have been renting and selling medical equipment since that time. I have visited many of the manufacturing plants – EVEREST & JENNINGS, INVACARE – Ohio, INVACARE – TOP END – Fl. , QUICKIE DESIGNS – SUNRISE MEDICAL, Stainless Medical Products, KIK tires, FREEDOM DESIGNS, ROHO, STOW-AWAY Lifts, PRIME Engineering.

I have attended many of the sponsored clinics and seminars for equipment measuring and seating and positioning evaluations, taught by physical & occupational therapists.

Also, being in this business for over 38 years, I have had “hands-on” experience ordering and recommending equipment for patients with the following diagnosis, diseases and catastrophic accidents: Spinal Cord Injuries (Paras & Quads), Traumatic Brain Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Cancer, Diabetes, CVA (Strokes), CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), Heart Attack Victims, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Amputees, Arthritis, Alzheimers & Parkinsons Diseases.

I have received the “Disabled Texan of the Year” Award from the Texas Governor in 1984.

Married – wife Peggy. Have 2 four-legged “children” (dogs)

I have been involved in wheelchair sports since my injury: Wheelchair basketball – player and coach of adult and kids programs. Wheelchair tennis – player and Paralympic coach – Atlanta 1996. Swimming, sailing and hand-crank biking are other hobbies.

I started Mobility Medical Equipment in August 1999 from my home. Since then, we now have about 30 employees and 3 locations (Addison –Dallas, Oklahoma City & Tyler, Texas). Within this year, we plan on opening up location in Ft. Worth. We are a Christian company.

We employee 6 physically disabled employees and 2 clinicians (Physical Therapist w/Masters Degree & RESNA ATP Certification) & (Respiratory Therapist).

Our mottos are: “We not only rent & sell it, we use it ourselves” or “We want our patients to maximize their independence and mobility” & “We only sell or patients the equipment they need and nothing extra.”

Tim Robinson

Tim is also a paraplegic with over 10 years living in a chair. He is an avid outdoors man who likes to hunt, fish, go to the beach, etc. He hates to be told “you can’t do that” and refuses to be held back by equipment. Part of his “personal mission” is to give every product we sell a “trial by fire.” We don’t sell any equipment that he hasn’t road tested.

We have a commitment to each of our patients that we will provide the best equipment possible. This includes clinical appropriateness, so, we made the decision to employ clinicians to oversee the needs of our patients. We currently employ the following specialists: physical therapists, respiratory therapists and nurses.

AJ -- Dir. Delivery Scheduling

Peggy -- CEO

Joe -- Tech Repairs

Jayson -- Purchasing

Cathy -- Accounts Rec.

Renell -- Delivery

Wendy -- Intake, Custom Orders

Marcie -- Comptroller

Josh -- Intake, Insurance Ver.

Howard -- Purchasing

Be Be -- Intake, CS

Mai -- Phones